Room PW1038

This nice double room is perfect for expats, international students, or professionals seeking accommodation in Nijmegen.
The room provides ample living space, creating a cozy environment for its residents.

The property is located by the park in Parkweg in Nijmegen. So you have a beautiful view at the park. This park is a popular place for walks and enjoyment. Located in the city centre, on the edge of the historic centre, the park offers a pleasant combination of greenery and culture.
In the park itself, one can retreat to a bench or under a tree, or enjoy a picnic on a lawn.

Who doesn’t want to live here?

The room comes with shared facilities in the house, including a kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, and garden.


– Area 19.5 m²
– Washbasin
– Furnished
– Location Nijmegen
– Shared kitchen, bathrooms, toilet and garden
– Close to station and supermarket
– Wifi, fridge- and freezerspace available
– Possibility to use (coin) washing machines


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