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Housing for Professionals & Expats

Stay4Pro rents furnished housing to professionals and expats of various nationalities. We do this without an intermediary. Direct contact saves costs and ensures flexibility and transparency. Stay4Pro makes sure that finding a place to live and moving to the Netherlands goes as smoothly as possible, and we offer expats a warm and pleasant home in which to recharge and relax.

We think personal contact is crucial! We are committed, reliable and professional.

Strategically located 

Stay4Pro’s homes and rooms are often strategically located, close to important amenities such as stores, restaurants, public transportation and recreational activities. This makes it easy to explore your new living area and experience what the city has to offer.

Why choose us

A nice home
just for you!

The rooms offer comfort and convenience. They are furnished with neat, timeless furniture and suitable for one person – in some cases two. In addition to their personal room, each resident can also use the common kitchen, living room, laundry room, bathroom facilities, garden and Wi-Fi.

Stay4Pro’s offers are extensive and varied in terms of housing area and price range. Of course, the actual offer depends on availability during the desired period.

Renting at Stay4pro

A rental period can range from a few months to a longer term. Rents are per month and do not include service charges. The rent depends on the size of the living space and additional amenities. Stay4Pro works with a deposit and communicates the applicable house rules in advance. All agreements are established in a rental contract. Are you a professional or an expat looking for accommodation and do you want a safe and secure rental experience? Please feel free to contact us.